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Here Mario Petrucci reads from his ground-breaking poetry project, i tulips, combining contemporary British lyricism with some of the most vibrant aspects of American modernism...

The aim of this site - is to provide some more attractive background for poems - we’d like people to develop a habit of  poetry.  We hope to provide good performance - but also pictures - sounds - videos - dancing girls - multimedia if you will - sensory bribes - anything - we hope you enjoy.

We have broadcast the videos via youtube - it seems the most efficient way at the moment - if you require to see them larger then click on the YouTube icon in the bottom right hand corner and then enlarge them.  Should you require them by other means or in other formats please contact us!


Below is a collaborative work written by ShadoWork (Mario Petrucci, Martyn Crucefix, Sarah van Gogh and Brett Van Toen) and liberally interpreted with ‘borrowed’ video extracts by Brett Van Toen.


This poem was written by Brett Van Toen , collaboratively edited and performed by ShadoWork, and has been illustrated with found pieces by Brett Van Toen.

This site is ‘maintained’ by Brett Van Toen as a labour of love

The first volume of i tulips was published by Enitharmon Press in March 2010.


More audio for Mario Petrucci:


i tulips


Mario Petrucci

supported by the Arts Council England ‘Grants for the Arts - Individuals’ Fund

We hope to publish various interpretations and performances of poems on the site in future - please let us know if you like (or not - but gently!)